Retro Games Fair


Location Britannia Hotel, 1 St James St, Nottingham, NG1 6BN
Date 5th Oct 2019 to 30 Nov -0001
Start Time 11:00 AM
End Time 4:00 PM


Adults £2.00
Under 16's £0.50
Under 6 Free


The Retro Games Fair is coming to Nottingham!!

If you love retro gaming, playing and collecting then this is the event for you. A wide range of sellers covering most video game and home computer formats since the beginning of video gaming. Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sinclair, Amstrad, Sony, Microsoft, Commodore, SNK and much much more.

Relive those classic games, upgrade your collection and discover new old items that you missed first time round, whether it be games, consoles, accessories or gaming merchandise this is the event for all collectors and video game fans.

1000's of retro games, consoles, computers, artwork, imports, accessories, toys, bartop arcades, artwork, plushies and much much more all for sale at the Retro Games Fair!

No need to get up early for the car boot or wait for the postman from ebay! Here you can see the condition in person before you buy from some of the biggest and best sellers in the country.

Our sellers range from professional traders to private collectors reducing their collections so there is a guaranteed range of prices and items for sale.

Whether you are a big collector or just getting into retro gaming there will be plenty of common titles and rarities on offer on all formats from all ages. The perfect event to build up a great gaming collection.

Pay on the door and you can come and go as many times as you want in the day.

There will also be a retro gaming room with lots of systems to play on courtesy of and some gaming challenges from GetWellGamersUK too!

£2 entry for adults
50p for under 16s
Under 6 are free

Event Sponsors


Founded by graphic designer Sam Dyer, Bitmap Books is an award-winning independent publisher of retro gaming books which aims to celebrate the software, hardware, developers, and code shops which laid down the foundations for the billion-dollar industry we know and love today. Its sumptuous, high-quality books are presented as a visual celebration of the video game industry, enabling you to relive the golden age of video games. 12 books have been published so far, and each is filled with interviews, quotes and anecdotes from the artists, programmers and publishers that created some of the most iconic games of all time.


Gameboy Shack

Calling all Gameboy fans! Carts and modded machines aplenty!

Retro Modzz

Bringing Retro Gaming to the HiDef era, Upgrades and installs available for your Consoles

Retro Plushy Games

Games, consoles, plushies and the rarest games around

Super Retro Bros

Specialists in trading cards and grading services

Customized Controllerz

Custom controllers and other gaming merchandise


Retro gaming magazines!


Amazing pixel artwork!

Soul Funk Retro

Amazing pixel art for your games room!

Splash Wave

Games, consoles and more from this golden seller

Conure Consoles

Lots and lots of games, consoles and handhelds on sale

Craig Atha

Craig simply put has tonnes of cool stuff for loads of formats!


Games, consoles for all formats

Danny Webster

Danny has lots of games, consoles and merchandise on sale!



retro gaming stuff

Official licensed gaming merch

Press Start Gaming

Retro games and consoles for every major format!

Flashback Games

8bit micros upto 32bit consoles - they cover all formats

Nik Robinson

Nik has an awesome selection of games and consoles for you to rummage through and buy :-)


Import games, figures and posters

Game Teq

Retro games, consoles, manga, figures anime and more!!


Consoles, displays and gaming memorabilia

Arcade Frames

Cool geeky framed gifts

LL Cool Games

Loads of games and consoles on sale - multiple formats

Inkin' Imp

Amazing art based on your favourite characters

Retro Shed

Stacks of great games and consoles for all formats

Jays Page

Games, consoles, controllers for lots of systems


Accessories and merch from the UKs largest games retailer

Missing Link

Zelda jewellery, comics, figures and collectables.

Classic Gamer UK

A wide mix of retro toys and figures!

Gold Saucer Games

Consoles, games, merch, retro signs and funko pops!

Mushroom Gamers

Consoles, games and some nice quirky additions to anyones collection


Great prices and a great range of goodies for all formats


Games, accessories, consoles and merchandise



Play a range of classic games in our gaming area! Wide range of consoles and challenges on offer!


Show us how fast your mega drive hedgehog skills are in this speed challenge! Prize for the fastest!

Punchout challenge

Show us your boxing skills on this NES classic to win a prize

Frogger Challenge

Are you good at Frogger? Highest score wins!

Mariokart Challenge

How good is your racing line? Take part in the Mariokart Challenge and show us your skills!


Enter our prize draw to win a Megadrive Mini console! Cost is £1 per entry ticket, or 6 entries for £5. Winner drawn at 3:45 pm.